Procedure for Child Adoption in Cameroon



Godā€™s desire for every legally married couple is to bless them with children of their own. Child adoption in Cameroon remains the only legal means for married couples who can’t procreate . Adoption in Cameroon is a legal procedure in which the parental responsibility for a child is transferred from their birth parent to their adopters. An adoption order made in respect of a child, confers on the child full member right and privileges as if they had been born to the adoptive family. An applicant for adoption in Cameroon must have attain 40 years or married more than 10years or have fertility issues which must be backed by medical evidence. A single parent can also adopt .A family law solicitor ensures that the entire child adoption procedure adhere strictly to : Section 41 & 42 of the civil Status Registration ordinance No 80-02 of 29/06/1981 ,Ā  Section 18(1)(b) of Law No 2006/015 of 29/12/06 , Section 10,11,15 & 27 of the Southern Cameroons High Court Law 1955 and Section 47(2) of the Adoption and children Act 2002.

Intercountry Relative Child Adoption in Cameroon

This refer to an adoption process in which the applicant is a Cameroonians irrespective of their residence and usually target the adoptive child from the family genealogy .Ā A family solicitor is expected to request the following documents :

  • Copy of marriage certificateĀ 
  • Copy of birth certificate of applicant and the childĀ 
  • Copy of consent letter under oath from the biological parents
  • Copy of medical certificate of the applicant and the child
  • Copy of morality report of the child
  • Copy of non-conviction of applicant
  • Full photographs and passport size photo
  • Copy of bank statement from applicant Ā 
  • Lease agreement of the adoptive parents to guarantee accommodation space for the child
  • Social inquiry report of the child from the ministry of social affairs

Intercountry Child Adoption in CameroonĀ 

This refer to an adoption application in which the applicants are foreigners and usually target their adoptive children from orphanages. Applicants are expected to go through the strict process and will be required to submit the following;

  • Copy of birth certificates of applicants

  • Copy of criminal record of applicants

  • Copy of ID card of applicants

  • Marriage certificate of applicant ( where applicable)

  • Medical report

  • Information as to the child sex and age to search in orphanages .
  • Medical certificate of fitness

  • Social report from a certify social worker in your country

  • Full photographs and passport size pictures

  • Residence / property description signed by local mayor or any competent

  • Copy of bank / income statement of applicants
    ļƒ¼ Legal engagement with a law firm specialized in family law

  • Morality reportĀ 
  • NB/ A Guarantor will be required preferably from Cameroon with same file compiled.Ā 


The Family solicitor is expected to seize the court but in an intercountry adoption , The Minister of social affairs must sign an agreement with the applicant before a court can be seize the court properly by :-

  • Filing an originating application
  • Filing of support statement
  • File Social welfare report Ā 
  • Notify state prosecutor for submissionĀ 
  • Submit the originating motion in court Ā 
  • High court adoption decision g.

Prospective adoptive parents should be very cautious about sending money or traveling to Cameroon to adopt a child from orphanages in Cameroon directly without going through social affair . We advise prospective adoptive parents to appoint a lawful family attorney in Cameroon.

In conclusion child adoption in Cameroon can be complicated andĀ  frustration enough reason why an experience family solicitor can help to streamline the process . Child adoption in Cameroon still remains one of the most complex areas of legal practice inĀ  Cameroon.

Article By: Barr. Mafany Victor Ngando

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