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Banking and Finance

Our team in the banking and finance department has represented various clients in the financial and legal advisory services including national and international lending institution, bank, insurance companies, leasing companies, investment firms, energy sector companies and other type of financial institutions.

We have extensive experience and represent clients in a broad spectrum of corporate finance transaction such as shareholder agreement, documentation of credit facilities, debt advising and recovery, lending agreement, acquisition credit facilities, asset based-loan, leverage buyout, commercial paper bank facilities, Project financing developmental financing

Our law firm acts as consultants and facilitators to foreigners and multinational companies seeking to increase their investments in Cameroon and further provide legal opinions on a wide range of investment issues

Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Kinsmen Advocates team of first class and proven Arbitrators and Mediators have the expertise to bring your case to a justiciable end through arbitration and mediation proceedings.

With close to 100% success rate, we attempt to settle disputes amicably and zealously.

Employment and Labour

From recruitment to retirement, our team of highly trained employment and labour law specialists provide informed counsel to assist our Clients and help them manage legal situations involving all kinds of labour issues.

We also provide services relating to the setting up, management, restructuring and mergers of Pension Schemes and a host of other employment matters. 

We also advise to ensure compliance with the extant regulations governing labour relations including the labour code, constitution and all other laws regulating the labour sector.

We offer you expert legal advice on, employee compensation & benefits, pension labour disputes & settlement. 

Family and Matrimonial Law

We entertain broad range of issues ranging from adoption, child custody, divorce, domestic violence, juvenile dependency and delinquency, property rights, support obligations, visitation rights, paternity, Wills , letters of administration and inheritance. Our team of lawyers has over the year’s registered significant success in this area of practice and thereby fulfilling our objectives of ensuring client satisfaction.

Maritime Law

We deal with all the different stakeholders in the Maritime industry including shipbuilders, owners, charterers, financiers, port authorities and government on wet and dry shipping, admiralty and finance matters.

Our lawyers deal with the full range of legal issues arising from the Sector. We advise our Clients and enable them benefit from ample opportunities that are present in the Maritime industry.

We offer you expert legal advice on, vessel financing and registration, international trade and commodities, maritime litigation.

Company secretarial service

Kinsmen Advocated Law Firm secretarial services ranges from; statutory filings and returns (Alteration of objects, notification of change of director, change of corporate head office and increase of share capital), attend company board meetings, render secretarial services in meetings, advise on compliance on applicable regulations, maintain a register & other records, render proper returns and provision of registered office.
The status of a company secretary has evolved and our qualified solicitors can provide the above services in a professional and timely manner.

Entertainment Law

At Kinsmen Advocates, we represent clients across diverse areas in the sports and entertainment industry throughout Cameroon and abroad.

We negotiate contracts & insurance for athletes, sport teams, entertainment star, television company, movie producer and ensure artist intellectual works are not pirated illegally.

Our dedicated sports and entertainment lawyers also helps with media relations, public relations, image consulting, business developments, commercial contracts, product liability, licensing, royalty, copyright & trademark.

Corporate Advisory

Our Firm’s unrivaled expertise in corporate matters guarantees our ability to advice our clients on their most complex commercial and corporate transactions ensuring that their deals are carried out successfully. 

Our expertise ranges from regulatory issues to company incorporation and our expansive knowledge in corporate matters and skillful approach to corporate governance is beneficial to both businesses and individuals alike.We offer you expert legal advice on business intelligence, business establishment, business, regulatory compliance, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, insolvency & bankruptcy, due diligence & legal risk assessment, competition compliance, asset Investigations & recovery, fraud & anti-money laundering, corporate governance.

Intellectual Property

Kinsmen Advocates have a responsive team of intellectual property lawyers to ensure your innovative ideas and creative work is guarded against unauthorized infringements and passing off.

We represent clients in intellectual property disputes, franchising, trade mark, patent, copyright, licensing, trade secret, labeling, novelty, industrial design, packaging, and manufacturing and distribution agreement.

We guarantee our clients all necessary measures following due process to protect their intellectual property rights and guide you through each phase of intellectual property registration process.


We handle all aspects of insurance and reinsurance disputes, claims and coverage work.
We represent our clients in the following areas; motor vehicle insurance, life insurance, third party insurance and also adopts the most efficient and effective  mechanism to resolve and settle insurance claims using international best practice mechanisms.

We have represented major insurers in insurance coverage claims, reinsurance disputes, commercial disputes arising from the sale and purchase of insurance businesses, warranty and indemnity insurance, liquidated damages.

We are also capable of handling multi-party losses such as claims arising from fire, property, construction, oil and gas, commercial and industrial operations and transportation.


Kinsmen Advocates offer comprehensive tax advisory and compliance services to a diverse range of clients which includes; Domestic and International Multinational Corporation as well as Individuals.

With our decade of experience, we act as tax advisers to companies, partnership, businesses  and individuals on all types of tax related  issues including corporate income tax, personal tax, custom and excise tax, petroleum profit tax and value added tax.

Private Clients & Notarial Services

Our in-house Notaries-Public, whose seals remain the uncontroversial mark of integrity and trustworthiness is able to deliver highly credible results that have been trusted over time.

We notarize and authenticate legal documents and instruments whether they are business and transactional or sensitive and personal.

We offer you expert legal services on authentication of documents, agreements and legal instruments, depositions, public services, family/private investments, family charities and charitable giving, making of Wills, administration of trusts and estates.

Real Estate and Conveyancing

The breadth of our experience and novel approach enables us to execute the most complex real estate and property transactions. These include; preparation and perfection of leases, tenancy agreements, conveyance deeds, mortgage, acquisition and disposal recovery of premises.
The firm ensures necessary searches at the land registry is done and due diligence as a precursor before any transaction in real estate business.

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Cameroon today is one of the countries in the world that have accepted the use of the internet and other technology tools to engage in personal and business activities. This wide acceptance of internet technology in Cameroon has led to an increase in computer crimes & security threats in Cameroon. Cybercrimes come in the form of; fraudulent electronic emails, identity theft, cyber harassment, spamming, pornography and hacking thus making internet extortion in Cameroon a threat to the lives of Cameroonians, their economy and the reputation of Cameroonians in the international scene thus combating cybercrimes in Cameroon is necessary.

Computer Crimes & Security Threat in Cameroon

The government of Cameroon in his campaign to combat computer crimes & security threats targeted to foreigners, individuals and corporate institution have promulgated the law on cybersecurity and cyber criminality in 2010. Internet extortion in Cameroon takes the form of; phishing (theft of identity), theft of bank cards, cyber pornography, scams, software piercing, sales frauds & forgery data & airtime, charity fund, hacking and theft of network service. Here are some of the causes of internet extortion in Cameroon; unemployment, quest of wealth by youths, incompetent security and control on a personal computer.

Combating Cybercrimes in Cameroon

We know combating cybercrimes in Cameroon is a process reason why the law firm of Kinsmen Advocates has put in place a team of cyber expert to combat computer crimes & security threats in Cameroon in close collaboration with our partners. Here are some of the measures in combating cybercrimes in Cameroon and we urge all suspected cases to be reported to our team so we can track, arrest, recover stolen wealth and push for the prosecution:

  • Avoid scammers who claim to be government officials who can guarantee contract commission.
  • Avoid paying money to companies or individuals who claim to be engaged in (gold, diamond, timber, rubber, cotton without appropriate due diligence.
  • Avoid scammers (companies or individuals) claiming to possess a large quantity of vegetable oil (soya beans, palms, wildlife and pet animals)
  • Avoid sending money to adopt a child you have only heard on the internet without adequate due diligence.
  • Conduct legal due diligence by engaging an expert law firm.
  • Carefully select the sites you visit by ensuring they are trusted.


As a leading cybercrime firm in Cameroon, we have registered significant success in combating cybercrimes in Cameroon and internet extortion in Cameroon. Our interventions are strictly within the law and our success story ranges from tracking cybercriminals through our network, recover ill-gotten wealth, repatriate the funds and engage in rigorous due diligence.

Article by Barr. Mafany Victor Ngando

Kinsmen Advocates

‘‘The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.’’

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